Ramadan Diet

OK this is in its experiment stages right now but it seems to be doing really well for me 2 years in a row. Most people who observe Ramadan end up somehow gaining weight and this just a way to get around that and actually lose weight during Ramadan. This isn’t a crash diet but if you want to try it as one go for it. Muslims fast from sun up to sundown meaning we don’t eat anything and don’t drink anything.

First off whatever you are having for Iftaar (opening of fast) don’t eat it. Meaning the traditional oily food such as Samosas or Pakoras. Instead save it for the morning.

Sahoor/Sehri is the starting of the fast. You wake up 30 minutes before the sun rises and eat your hearts content. Whatever you were going to have at Iftaar, eat it at this time…In fact eat whatever you want in the morning bc you will burn it all off during the day. Also take some casein. Casein is slow releasing protein shake. Gym buffs take it before sleeping bc it helps u build muscle in ur sleep. But when you sleep ur body is basically fasting, so if your fasting during the day it works even better. Also take some slow release carbs. You can type that into google to know what those are mostly fruits or veggies, wholewheat stuff. These two things will give you more energy throughout the day. It really works bc i didn’t do it the first day and totally noticed a different in the second and third. Other than the Casein and slow carb fruits eat whatever you want. You can eat as much as you want too.

Iftaar: This is the hardest part. When you open fast at sun down, don’t eat a big meal. Eat 3 or 4 dates and drink lots of water before you eat. This will already make you full. Then have a small proportionally controlled meal. I usually have two servings of fruit chaat (salad) and some protein. Lean chicken or turkey. You are going to want to binge from fasting all day but don’t! Drink lots of water so you feel full quicker. Have an apple for fiber and just remember in a few hours you’re gonna wake up for Sehri and eat like crazy.

The thing with Ramadan is if we don’t binge eat we will automatically lose weight bc its all about calorie in vs calorie out. The problem with this is we also lose protein and we end up losing the muscle that is burning our fat. The shakes keep that from happening. U only need to workout 15mins bc ur not trying to build muscle ur trying to keep from losing it. That combine with the low calorie diet and staying away from fried food should work. Yes I forgot to mention, no fried food.

As for workouts. I did the 30 day challenges.

30 Day ab challenge

30 Push Up challenge

30 Day Squat Challenge

You can find them all here http://imgur.com/gallery/tAWjS

I did not do them too hardcore. I’m just trying to retain muscle not get all buff. I found the pushup and squat challenge was getting pretty hard during the end so i’d split them up. For example to do 90 push ups and 150 Squats I would do 30 push ups, 50 squats then back to 30 push ups. Just do how much you can. Remember the goal is to retain muscle so don’t kill yourself. Some days I only did as much to break a sweat and then stopped. Do as much as you can. This is just a quick 15 min work out since you can’t go to the gym while fasting.

Also if you are not muslim and want to try this just as a diet. I would recommend you drink a lot of water all day. Since you’re not doing it for religious reason there is no reason you shouldn’t stay hydrated all day.

This isn’t a crash diet tho it can be used as one. I have to observe Ramadan but I’d always gain like 8lbs. So i just made this plan using information I learned from “The Warriors Diet” and “The 4 Hour Body” and some trial and error stuff.

Updated Bucketlist 2013

30 Thing I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

Every year I make an annual bucketlist. Here are the 30 things I plan to do by next year.

1. Ride an Air Boat in the swamp (Done)

2. Run the rocky steps. (DONE)

3. Wear a Where’s Waldo Costume (not on Halloween) and sneak in random peoples pics

4. Want to see if I can duct tape someone to a wall.

5. Meet Kiefer Sutherland

6. Complete a 40 mile bike ride (may 6th) Done

7. Ride Dune Buggies/ snowmobile (june or august)

8. Learn to surf (July)

9. Hit a homerun.

10. Do stand up routine at a comedy club or Imrov (June)

11. Learn to juggle 3 balls. (for at least 10 seconds) ( I learned how just not good at it yet)

12. Bungee Jump

13. Climb a mountain (summer) DONE

14. Become LEED Certified (Summer)

15. Visit Paris (Sept)

16. Go camping  (In August) Done

17. Go to Mardi Gras (Done)

18.Pack my bags. Go to a train station and literally take a midnight train going anywhere. (It would be more fun with someone. maybe to south Detroit….maybe not)

19. Buy a really good self help book and leave it on a train with a note that say “you were meant to find this”

20. Visit a nursing home.

21. Hang Glide (place in Maryland that does it). (June)

22. Buy someone a gift anonymously and never tell em who it’s from.( it may be u)

23. Create my own special signature dish

24. Ride a horse ( while wearing old spice)

25. Scuba diving (july)

26. Learn to fly a kite (dude that shit is hard) (Summer)

27. Watch the top IMDB 250 and/or AFI top 100 movies (by Summer)

28. Go to the  ballet. (In Novemeber/ December when Swan Lake is playing)

29. Go to Comic Con (July)

30. Get my body fat percentage down by 5% (By Dec)

Things I did this year not on the list.

-Choked an Alligator

- Wore the Mike Tyson Tattoo from Hangover 2 for an entire day

- Got to be in a float parade in New Orleans like in Ferris Bueller

- Went to Art Museum and took pics like Ferris Buller

-Throw beads at people on Mardi Gras

- Wrote an original song.

- Met Kristen Kruek

- Met Elijah Wood

- Met cast of Archer

- Met Spartacus and Crixus

- Asked a question at a panel at Comic Con

- Giant Tomato fight like Tomotina

- Swam with Sharks, Sting Rays, and Guitar Fish

- Went Snorkeling

- Went to Germany

- Went to Amsterdam

- Backpacked across Europe.


Such an inspiring quote. I think of this at work all the time!


Such an inspiring quote. I think of this at work all the time!


The power is within YOU! :)


The power is within YOU! :)

If you love something, set it free. Unless it’s a tiger.
Phil Dunphy (via honeyyoumeanhunkules)













Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination


Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination